Your Luxury Travel Advisor - Margi Arnold
Margi Arnold
Margi Arnold is not your typical online travel agent. She is a a leading Luxury Travel Advisor, who specializes in customized travel arrangements for the discerning traveler. 

Ordinary travel agents make reservations, quote prices and sell pre-packaged trips, primarily relying on publicly posted reviews.

Margi’s luxury travel agency offers an Elite Traveller Program that is much more personalized and thorough. This exclusive and upscale travel program was designed for those who prefer the highest degree of personal attention, quality time, in-depth research and unparalleled expertise.

“Thanks again for setting up our wonderful trip to Bora Bora in December. We had a blast. The scenery was picturesque, and all the arrangements went flawlessly. I can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”

– Rohan (Baltimore MD)

“We just returned from our awesome honeymoon in Bora Bora & Australia and as you said Margi, these two locales were the perfect locations for us at the perfect time of the year. There’s no way we could have done this without you. Thank you Margi!”

- Ryan T.

"This has been so wonderfully easy to plan our Belize vacation with you -- we'll be sure to recommend you!  We're also planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands for our next big trip and will be sure to work with you on that trip too!"

- G.L.

As a luxury travel advisor, Margi meticulously designed Travel Experiences Evaluation method ensures that every detail, of every trip, is carefully crafted to perfection with no unexpected surprises.

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As your luxury travel advisor, Margi seeks to create the perfect pairing between your unique desires and the best travel and most luxurious travel experiences.

Margi’s personalized and in depth research includes:

  • the social environment of the resort or ship,
  • the specific food and dining experiences you prefer (including recommendations and reservations),
  • the quality of amenities and activities offered,
  • and even the cultural aspects of your journey.

Nothing is left to chance.

While expert service and travel consulting of this degree is not free, it ensures that you’ll never waste a penny on a luxury vacation you don’t completely love.

From the most exotic expeditions or exploring popular destinations in style, to going off the beaten path; this program is all about YOU.

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