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Luxury Travel Agency

Based in breath taking Denver, Colorado Margi Arnold has been creating personalized and luxury travel experiences since 1989. In 1998 Margi formed her own luxury travel agency, Creative Travel Adventures. This highly regarded travel agency is dedicated to providing luxury and premium travel experiences.

Recognizing that some travelers needed or desired a significantly higher degree of personal service and dedicated research, she created a travel consultancy option exclusively for them.

The Elite Traveller Program is not for everyone. But, for those who want more than a traditional travel agent experience, it can be the perfect fit.
As President of Creative Travel Adventures, Margi has crafted luxury travel experiences to suit every taste. From simple to sophisticated, minimalist to indulgent, or tranquil to thrill seeking—each are as individual as her clients. She takes great pride in designing individual and authentically personal luxury travel experiences.

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Top Denver Travel Agent | Luxury Travel AgencyTravel Advisor?  There Is A Difference

Travel Advisor?  There Is A Difference

Traditional Travel “Agents” provide a valuable and helpful service.  They research prices, make reservations, and support their clients should anything happen to go wrong.  Luxury Travel Advisors (some prefer the term Consultant) do all this and much more.

Travel Agents generally limit their research to transportation and accommodations.  Margi’s Elite Traveller Program goes deeper into the actual experiences that make a trip memorable.  That means going beyond what you might find on a website or travel app.  After all, websites are essentially online advertisements designed to make every ship or resort seem perfect.

Far from relying solely on web deals and pre-packaged tours or cruises, as a Luxury Travel Advisor Margi digs deep into each and every nuance of your trip seeking a perfect match with your desires.  Food and dining experiences are a good example:  if you don’t enjoy the food, you won’t enjoy the trip. That’s the sort of thing this program is all about… and more.

Limited And Exclusive

Margi’s luxury travel agency can only a accept a small number of Elite Traveller Program clients at any time. All luxury consultations are on an appointment-only basis.  This is to maintain the highest level of personal attention you deserve, and to dedicate the quality research time required for perfection.

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